Drug Costs

Rxcheck Press Release

ScriptSave Launches In-store Prescription Price Comparison Tool

The ScriptSave RxCheck handheld device helps pharmacies lower out-of-pocket costs for consumers and streamline workflow.

Inflation Prescription Costs

How Inflation is Impacting the Cost of Medication

As the cost of goods and services across the U.S. has increased, the cost of prescription medication has been severely impacted.

Wont Take Discount

Help! My Pharmacy Won't Take My Discount Coupon!

Occasionally we hear of drugstores listed on ScriptSave WellRx not accepting our discounts. The good news is that they are just confused. Here's how to ensure your pharmacist honors your ScriptSave WellRx discount coupons.


Lybalvi: A New Treatment for Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

A new drug, Lybalvi, has been approved for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder in adults.

Expensive Meds

What to Do if Your Medication Is Too Expensive

Whether your medication is prescription or over-the-counter, brand name, or generic, there are ways to help you keep more money in your pocket.

Tylenol Ibuprofen

Is It Safe to Take Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen Together?

You can safely take acetaminophen and ibuprofen together. Before you do, though, you should be aware of the correct dosage for each.

Migraine Pain

Current and Emerging Migraine Treatments

Migraines are a serious public health concern in the United States, especially in women. In 2016, migraines accounted for 4 million emergency department (ED) visits. Headaches were the third most common reason for ED visits in females aged 15 to 64.

Aca Open Enrollment Extension

ACA Healthcare Exchange Enrollment will Reopen for 3 Months

President Biden has authorized a new special enrollment period for health insurance through the insurance exchange.

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: How to Lower Your Out-of-pocket Cost

When insurance plans change each year, it’s not uncommon for patients to discover that their copays go up. The annual change in benefits will often result in changes to how much an insured patient needs to pay out-of-pocket for their prescription medications.

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: More Ways to Save on Prescriptions

Quick-start Guide: How to access significant prescription savings directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: Why Should I Create an Account?

Quick Start Guide: All about the Medicine Chest, an account for a prescription savings card.

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: Never Forget Your Meds Again

Learn how to set up reminders to take your medications or refill your prescripions using our free Medicine Chest tool.

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: Dangerous Interactions

Our free Medicine Chest tool can flag many interactions for Rx medications. Enter your meds to find potential interactions.

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: Mood Logs

Learn more about the ScriptSave WellRx side effects tracker and mood log!

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: Grocery Guidance, Nutrition & The WellRx Food Index

Learn how to get started using the ScriptSave WellRx Grocery Guidance tool to find foods that align with your health conditions.

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: Let Others Know How Easy (or difficult) It Was

Rate your experience with the ScriptSave WellRx program and help others when they make a choice about where to use their Rx discount card.

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: To Print or Not to Print?

Printing a physical card or coupon is not necessary to save on your medications. Find out how to access your ScriptSave WellRx discounts without a printer.

Quick Start Guide

Quick-start Guide: Avoid Frustration at the Pharmacy

This short tutorial is designed to address the most common mistake users make when pricing medications with the ScriptSave’s WellRx program. When you use the price-check tool on the ScriptSave WellRx website or app, it is important to make sure the default selections for all the different variables are matching with the details on your prescription.


Why Are My Drugs So Expensive?

A recent poll show that nearly one-in-four (25%) people stated they have difficulty affording their medications and three-in-ten (30%) report not taking their medications as prescribed due to drug costs.

drug-coupons – scriptsave wellrx (3)

What Are Drug Coupons, Why Do They Exist and How Do They Work?

What’s the catch behind the drug copay card? And, yes, there is a catch. To answer this question, let’s look at why these programs were created.


Common Food and Drug Interactions

You probably know certain medications can interact with other medications you may be taking. But did you know some foods can interact, too?


Diabetes, Insulin, and the Rising Cost of Therapy

According to a study from the CDC, the percent of patients taking both insulin and an oral medication increased between 1997 and 2011.


Can You Get Pneumonia from The Pneumonia Vaccine?

With all of the news coverage about vaccines, it is important to equip yourself with the knowledge on what vaccines are, how they work, and why they don’t cause disease to make an informed decision on your health.


Patient Education: Fighting Fake News

When it comes to health information on the internet, many patients are no longer sure what to believe. As important, patients often don’t know how to apply what they have read. As a healthcare provider, you have the opportunity to help patients navigate through the vast variety of  online health information.


Cholesterol Drug Price Competition

In such a competitive cholesterol treatment market, manufacturers have been forced to make drastic cuts to their medication costs. Amgen lowered its product by 60%, followed by a 45-70% reduction from Regeneron. The price reductions occurred in response to the national consumer’s options to trial a multitude of more affordable options for cholesterol management, based on their clinical goals.


What Medications Will Your Insurance Be Dropping?

The formulary is a list of approved medications for which an insurer has agreed to help cover the cost. However, there might be multiple manufacturers of numerous drugs designed to treat the same condition. This is an opportunity for the insurance company to trim costs by only agreeing to cover one drug for each health condition.


Outlawing Pharmacy Gag Clauses

After the much anticipated release of the 2016 Gallup poll, which had Americans assign a rating of honesty and ethical standards in professions, Pharmacists found themselves in a top-three ranking for the 14th straight year.1 In last year’s poll however, it seems the general public’s opinion of pharmacists had shifted slightly. With increased news coverage and scrutiny over rising drug prices, it seemed harder for patients to be able to separate the practices of big pharmaceutical companies with the copay price that the pharmacists were asking for at the drug counter.


Rx Savings Too Good to be True?

For most Americans, chances are good you’re spending too much on your prescription medications. The increasing cost is staggering. And with so many companies offering discounts on prescriptions, it can sound like a scam. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Rising Cost of Insulin? Here’s What You Can Do

Insulin plays an important role in managing patients with Diabetes Mellitus (DM). Patients with Type 1 DM have limited ability to produce endogenous insulin due to their pancreas’s inability to properly function. Patients with Type 2 DM can also have increased dependence on insulin therapy use as their disease state progresses.


Immunization Recommendations Have Changed for 2018-2019

With flu season right around the corner, what better time to talk about vaccines than right now?  We talk and hear about vaccines a lot, but what exactly is a vaccine, and which vaccine is right for you?


How to Get Prescription Discounts

Chances are good that you are spending too much on your prescription medications. Every day we receive phone calls, emails, and comments on Facebook about the staggering prices people pay for the medications they need. People are struggling. We get it. That’s why we launched ScriptSave WellRx – to bring prescription savings to everyone.


Prescription Considerations for Allergy Medications

Seasonal allergies affect anywhere between 10-30% of people worldwide. Allergies to one or more common allergens are reaching upwards of 40-50% in school children. Allergies occur due to an immune response to something the body considers “foreign,” in other words, strange or unfamiliar.


ScriptSave WellRx App Shops for Your Groceries Based on Your Health Conditions

ScriptSave WellRx has developed an app and web version of a service called “Personalized Wellness” that gives you grocery purchase recommendations based on what health conditions you have.


Managing Insomnia Without Medication

A general consensus estimates that approximately one-third of adults experience insomnia. Characteristic symptoms include: difficulty initiating sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, waking up too early, and/or poor quality of sleep.


Guest Blog: 5 Ways to Live Healthier & Save Money Doing It

The New Year is the perfect time to make goals and be healthier. It seems easy enough on the surface, but the cost of your new clean & active life can add up quickly. From all those tempting ads for expensive exotic foods to the attractive boutique fitness classes, that nourishing new lifestyle can certainly come with a price-tag attached.


Digital Journal: ScriptSave WellRx Interview

ScriptSave WellRx is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry by promoting price transparency with a free mobile app. Consumers rarely know what the “real” price is for their prescriptions. This now set to change and Dr. Marcus Sredzinski tells us how.


Priced Out of Prescriptions

Millions of Americans with health insurance still pay out-of-pocket for medications. And the cost can reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. But what many drugmakers and pharmacies don’t want you to know is that you could lower your medication costs, sometimes by as much as ten-times, by simply walking across the street to a competing pharmacy.


Guest Blog: How to Get Organized for Cold and Flu Season

Now is the time to get organized for cold and flu season. Since my husband is disabled, he has a reduced immune system. Staying healthy during cold and flu season is even more important to us because of this reason.


Prescription Price Matters

If you’ve ever used a medication price-check tool for a prescription savings program (like ScriptSave WellRx), only to have been told a different price when you're ready to pay for the prescription at the pharmacy, then this post is for you.


Benefits of Shopping for Prescription Medication

Pharmacy prices can differ from store to store and should be treated like buying a car. Most people think of just going to the pharmacy closest to them instead of looking around for their medication. When in reality, it can differ by sometimes a significant amount.


Unlock Secret Savings on Prescription Medications

It’s a growing strain on our bottom line:  more Americans taking ever more prescribed medications and spending more of their income to do it. The toll is evident, as one in 10 of us can’t afford our medications and are simply going without.


Is Non-adherence a Non-option?

It’s a simple fact: drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them. The causes of non-adherence, when a patient either accidentally or knowingly does not take medications as prescribed, can be complex. Often it’s because patients can’t afford their medications.
Countless studies and surveys show a close relationship between high out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs and the rate of prescription abandonment, or non-adherence.


Pill Splitting? Do it Safely

Pill splitting refers to breaking a pill down to obtain a smaller amount of the whole pill. Your doctor can write a prescription that is usually double the dosage of what you should take in one day. You can then cut the pill in half, making the smaller dose that should actually be taken.


Honesty 1.01 | Always Ask, “What’s the Cash Price?”

Always ask, “What’s the Ca$h Price?”
Always show your ScriptSave WellRx card
The ScriptSave® WellRx Facebook page sees a lot of interaction…and we love getting questions. By far the most common questions and comments are those related to insurance.
“Can I use ScriptSave WellRx with my insurance?”
“How does it work if it’s not insurance?”
“I have insurance, so your card isn’t for me.”
For the record, not only is that last one a misconception, it’s also a fast-track to over-paying for your meds (and it’s the starting point for this blog post).

prescription-savings-app (9)

ScriptSave Launches Mobile App to Put Prescription Savings Directly into Hands of Consumers for Better Health

ScriptSave, which provides prescription savings solutions and cards for the uninsured, underinsured, and insured, has launched a new mobile health application, ScriptSave® WellRx, to put prescription savings directly into the hands of consumers.


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Benefits Include:

Store & manage your medication list
Medication pricing updates
Import medication from your pharmacy
Medication information
Pill & refill reminders
Medication journal & mood log

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