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Are you spending too much on prescription medications? It’s staggering. We get it. Across the U.S., people are saving on their prescription costs with ScriptSave WellRx. Read what real people are saying on Facebook about our prescription discount savings card and app.

J. Mercado: NY

Testimonial 1

I did the math on all five of my meds that I picked up yesterday. Although I paid $42, I saved $120!! HELLO!!

A. Morgan: PA

Testimonial 2

I just used this yesterday for the first time and it took $32 off my prescription! Definitely an awesome deal when you don't have insurance.

S. Dove: GA

Testimonial 3

It really does work. My pharmacist at Kroger told me my total was $80.63 and asked for an insurance card and I told her I didn’t have one, but I showed her my WellRx card on my phone app. It cut my price down to $21.32. Just wow!!

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Save On the Go!

Save On the Go!

The ScriptSave WellRx mobile app helps you find the lowest prescription prices right from your phone! Get instant access to the lowest prescription prices at a nearby pharmacy. Manage your health with our free pill reminders and medicine chest tools!

My Medicine Chest Features

My Medicine Chest Features

Medicine Chest is your personal medication record that can help you remember to take your medications. It's the best way to keep track of the prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs you use.

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Drug Information

Our detailed drug information helps you better understand your medications and improve your health.