Drug Costs

Inflation Prescription Costs

How Inflation is Impacting the Cost of Medication

As the cost of goods and services across the U.S. has increased, the cost of prescription medication has been severely impacted.

Expensive Meds

What to Do if Your Medication Is Too Expensive

Whether your medication is prescription or over-the-counter, brand name, or generic, there are ways to help you keep more money in your pocket.


Protecting Yourself During the Continuing COVID-19 Crisis

There are over 16 million confirmed cases of coronavirus globally and more than 600,000 deaths from the virus, and these numbers are changing quickly. The current estimation is based on inconsistent diagnoses and reporting of acute illness, and likely underestimates the global scale of coronavirus infection.


The History of American Pharmacies

Evolution in pharmacist education and changes in the legislature has shifted the roles of pharmacists.


What to Pack in a Summertime First Aid Kit

Whether you’re headed out to go camping, take a hike, or spend a day at the beach, be prepared by packing a first aid kit with a few healthcare essentials.

aids-advancements (3)

Recent Advancements in HIV Treatment

Advancements in medicine and the establishment of HIV as a care specialty have made high quality of life with HIV a reality for many.


Should You Take an Omega-3 Supplement?

If your diet is low in fish, you may benefit from taking a daily fish oil supplement or another form of omega-3.


Latest Advancements in Diagnosing and Treating Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Learn about the latest advancements in treatment


Operation Relief

A new WellRx program, called Operation Relief provides deeper discounts and even lower prices to all consumers, regardless of their employment status.


Are Proton Pump Inhibitors Dangerous?

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are generally safe. However, some studies have associated certain health risks with long-term use.


5 Signs of Heart Problems Worth Worrying About

Don’t be caught off guard when it comes to protecting your own and your loved ones’ hearts. Read on to learn five signs of a heart problem that are worth worrying about.


What Are Patient Assistance Programs?

Patient assistance programs often offer free or low-cost medication for those who qualify. Learn more about PAPs from ScriptSave WellRx.


What You Need to Know About Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C, or Medicare Advantage, provides the same coverage as Parts A and B, plus added benefits. Learn more and see if Part C is right for you.


Why Are My Drugs So Expensive?

A recent poll show that nearly one-in-four (25%) people stated they have difficulty affording their medications and three-in-ten (30%) report not taking their medications as prescribed due to drug costs.


What to Know About Coronavirus

While the number of illnesses and deaths from influenza remains high, there is news that the fast-spreading Wuhan Coronavirus is hitting the U.S.

telemedicine (3)

Can I Get a Prescription Without Seeing a Doctor?

Can you get a prescription without a trip to the doctor? Learn about telemedicine and how you may be able to get an Rx without leaving your home.


How to Get an Emergency Prescription Refill

Whether you’re traveling and forgot to pack your prescription or just forgot to order your refill, you may be able to get an emergency prescription – learn how.


Employer Prescription Savings Program

At ScriptSave, the health of our community is important to us—that’s why we created the ScriptSave WellRx Prescription Savings Program. Our program helps individuals and families obtain discounts on prescription medications…


Can a Pharmacist Change My Prescription?

If you need to modify your prescription for some reason, your pharmacist might be able to help. Learn how pharmacists can change an Rx.


How to Save Money on EpiPen

EpiPen is a brand of epinephrine auto-injector that can save your life, but it’s expensive. Here’s how to save money on EpiPen and get the medicine you need.


How to Transfer a Prescription to Another Pharmacy

Learn how to move a prescription from one pharmacy to another with this step-by-step guide from ScriptSave WellRx.


Income and Medication Non-Adherence

Overall, the relationship between income and prescription fill rates at the pharmacy is much more complicated than low-income patients having decreased prescription adherence.


The 2019 Opioid Regulations

In October 2017, Acting Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Eric D. Hargan issued a statement declaring a nationwide public health emergency regarding the opioid crisis. The opioid epidemic in America has become a top priority in efforts to prevent opioid overuse.


Are Canadian Medications Legit?

Are Canadian medications legit? How are medications approved in Canada? Is it legal to buy prescription medications from Canada? The answers could surprise you.


Tamiflu Cost vs. Benefit

Most patients have the misconception that Tamiflu will cure them of the flu, when in reality the medication works by reducing the number of days with flu like symptoms. There is not direct cure for the flu since it is a viral entity, like the common cold.


What Medications Will Your Insurance Be Dropping?

The formulary is a list of approved medications for which an insurer has agreed to help cover the cost. However, there might be multiple manufacturers of numerous drugs designed to treat the same condition. This is an opportunity for the insurance company to trim costs by only agreeing to cover one drug for each health condition.


Outlawing Pharmacy Gag Clauses

After the much anticipated release of the 2016 Gallup poll, which had Americans assign a rating of honesty and ethical standards in professions, Pharmacists found themselves in a top-three ranking for the 14th straight year.1 In last year’s poll however, it seems the general public’s opinion of pharmacists had shifted slightly. With increased news coverage and scrutiny over rising drug prices, it seemed harder for patients to be able to separate the practices of big pharmaceutical companies with the copay price that the pharmacists were asking for at the drug counter.


How to Get Prescription Discounts

Chances are good that you are spending too much on your prescription medications. Every day we receive phone calls, emails, and comments on Facebook about the staggering prices people pay for the medications they need. People are struggling. We get it. That’s why we launched ScriptSave WellRx – to bring prescription savings to everyone.


The Dreaded “Donut Hole”

The Medicare coverage gap, better known as the “donut hole,” is a mystery to many, however there are thousands of people that it effects every year. Simply put, it is a gap in coverage of medications after a certain amount has been contributed.


Prescription Considerations for Allergy Medications

Seasonal allergies affect anywhere between 10-30% of people worldwide. Allergies to one or more common allergens are reaching upwards of 40-50% in school children. Allergies occur due to an immune response to something the body considers “foreign,” in other words, strange or unfamiliar.


Guest Blog: Healthy Families and Savings or the Winter Season

With cold and flu season in full swing, there are a few ways I help prepare my family and home to prevent the spread of germs and build up our immunity as much as possible


Guest Blog: 5 Ways to Live Healthier & Save Money Doing It

The New Year is the perfect time to make goals and be healthier. It seems easy enough on the surface, but the cost of your new clean & active life can add up quickly. From all those tempting ads for expensive exotic foods to the attractive boutique fitness classes, that nourishing new lifestyle can certainly come with a price-tag attached.


Guest Blog: How to Get Organized for Cold and Flu Season

Now is the time to get organized for cold and flu season. Since my husband is disabled, he has a reduced immune system. Staying healthy during cold and flu season is even more important to us because of this reason.

noac-warfarin-alternatives (6)

Is a NOAC Right for Me?

The NOACs, or novel oral anticoagulants, are a new breed of blood thinner that have arrived on the market within the last ten years.


Prescription Price Matters

If you’ve ever used a medication price-check tool for a prescription savings program (like ScriptSave WellRx), only to have been told a different price when you're ready to pay for the prescription at the pharmacy, then this post is for you.


Benefits of Shopping for Prescription Medication

Pharmacy prices can differ from store to store and should be treated like buying a car. Most people think of just going to the pharmacy closest to them instead of looking around for their medication. When in reality, it can differ by sometimes a significant amount.

Savings Card Vs Savings Coupon (1)

Prescription Discount Cards vs. Drug Coupons

What's the difference between prescription discount cards and drug coupons?


Why Are Medications So Expensive?

It’s one of the most common questions we hear at ScriptSave: “Why are prescription medications so expensive?” With insurance deductibles going up, and insurance co-pays shrinking, drug prices are outpacing the inflation rate. So why do drug companies continue to charge exorbitant prices for medications?


Saving Big Bucks on Prescription Drugs

We price compare for everything from shoes to SUV’s. So why not for medicine? Especially for those uninsured, there are way to save thousands a year. Shrinking your pill bill may start with a few clicks.


Is Non-adherence a Non-option?

It’s a simple fact: drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them. The causes of non-adherence, when a patient either accidentally or knowingly does not take medications as prescribed, can be complex. Often it’s because patients can’t afford their medications.
Countless studies and surveys show a close relationship between high out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs and the rate of prescription abandonment, or non-adherence.


Find the Best Prices on Your Prescription Drugs

ScriptSave WellRx has just completed a national price analysis of the biggest pharmacies, grocers, and retail chains, trying to uncover who has the lowest prices when it comes to prescription drugs.

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