How to Save Money on Prescription Medications

We hope this will help explain how it works and how you can save on your medications. If you need assistance affording your prescriptions, sign up for a free ScriptSave WellRx card or download the free prescription savings app, and save on your medications next time you visit the pharmacy.

Find the best drug price

Comparing Prices (It pays to shop around)

We price compare for everything from shoes to SUV’s. So why not for medicine? Especially for those uninsured, there are way to save thousands a year.

Prices on prescription medications can differ greatly across different pharmacies, even in the same zip code. The free ScriptSave WellRx app helps you compare those prices and find them at nearby pharmacies, or simply enter your medication and zip code above to get instant pricing on your medications.

ScriptSave WellRx uses bulk buying to negotiate better prices with drug makers. We’ve worked with pharmacies nationwide for more than 20 years, negotiating better prices and bringing savings to consumers.

Check it out. We might even be cheaper than your insurance co-pay!

Generic Medications

Are generic prescription drugs really as good as brand name drugs?

"A" rated generics meet the same quality standards as brand name prescription drugs and thus provide the same medical benefits. A drug that is "A" rated by the FDA as a generic equivalent contains identical active ingredients as the brand name drug, the same dosage as the brand name drug, and delivers the same concentrations of drug to the bloodstream within the same amount of time.

Other than the price, there is little difference when comparing generic vs. brand name drugs, although the shape or color of the generic you buy is likely to be different from brand name medicines. Contact us if you have additional questions about generic vs. brand name drugs.

Pill Splitting

Pill splitting refers to breaking a pill down to obtain a smaller amount of the whole pill. Your doctor can write a prescription that is usually double the dosage of what you should take in one day. You can then cut the pill in half, making the smaller dose that should actually be taken. For instance, a medication might be prescribed for 40 mg, but then the pill is split so you actually end up taking 20 mg.

Pill splitting can be a huge help in cost savings if the same amount of the larger and smaller doses are sold at a similar price. Some of the most common reasons for pill splitting are:

  • Reduce the costs associated with a medication
  • Take a dosage of a drug that is not already available.

These methods can be useful to help some people save on their prescription medications, but are not suitable for everyone or for every type of pill. Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before splitting pills. You can read more about pill splitting in our blog post.

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